Welcome to Dalton Boutique

Hi friends! I am so grateful you are here. My name is Alison Jessup, the creator of Dalton Boutique.

I’ve been dreaming of this store since I was a little girl. I've always had a love for fashion and putting outfits together.  As a little girl my mom gave me the freedom to choose my own outfits, even though nothing I ever picked was "normal".  I would mix and match patterns/colors and refuse to wear anything but dresses, skirts, and patent leathers shoes.  I was the girl in my "party shoes" climbing trees and poppin wheelies on my Big Wheel. I feel like this fashion freedom helped develop my creativity and I'm grateful for that!

Then as a pre-teen my friends and I would hop the bus to Seattle when most kids weren’t allowed to leave their backyard. This freedom introduced me to Seattle boutiques on Broadway and Fremont, I became obsessed. Seattle fashion has its own vibe and I love it. It’s carefree, simple, and has an edge.  And this is exactly what you will find with Dalton style; we are fun, fierce females, paving our own way and looking cute as we do it!

The thing is though, Dalton is going to be more than a label.  Dalton is about community, giving back, building each other up, and creating a new girl code.

I’m so excited you are here, now let's shop!